What We Do | Veteran & First Responder Peer Support

What is Peer Support?

A peer is someone who has lived through shared experience such as mental illness or addiction.  This experience is paired with formal training to offer services to support long-term recovery.


What does a Peer Support Lifer do?

Our Veteran Peers support recovery from mental health disorders and substance/alcohol abuse to improve overall health and wellness, live a self directed life, and strive to reach their full potential (SAMHSA, 2014).

- Shares Lived Experience (not a professional with a license)

- Role Model (does not give professional advice)

- Sees the person as a whole person, part of community and family (person is not a case or diagnosis)

- Seeks to motivate through experience, strength, and hope (does not motivate via fear or negative consequences)

-Supports many ways to recovery and healing (no focused on only one program or path)

-Helps find community resources, professional resources, and basic necessities (does not case manage or provide these services)


What to expect in a meeting

-You are welcome here.  We have all been through similar struggles, life and/or family falling apart, addiction, anger, jail-time to name a few.  There is no judgement here.

-A mentor will kick off the meeting with a script to let you know how the meetings work and with a prepared discussion topic.

-Listen to the similarities not the differences in our Lifer experiences.

-When you are ready to share your experiences, share.  For some of us it is the first day, some of us it takes months.  Go at your own pace.

-Completing the 12 Steps for Change is done with a sponsor or mentor.  At the end of the meeting Lifers willing to sponsor will be identified.  Ask one of these Lifers to work with you through the 12 steps. 

 -This is a self paced, life long program.  No quick fixes here.  We are here when you need us.  We are here when you don't.  We are your family.


Meetings are free to attend.  Books and other materials are provided at no cost.


Are you ready for healing with fellow veterans outside of a medical or professional setting?

You belong here at FOB Rasor.


Contact (text/call) Gunny Ski today at 281-573-7250