What We Do / Veteran Peer Support

What is Veteran Peer Support?

A peer is someone who has lived through shared experience such as mental illness or addiction.  This experience is paired with formal training to offer services to support long-term recovery.


What does a Peer Support Lifer do?

Our Veteran Peers support recovery from mental health disorders and substance/alcohol abuse to improve overall health and wellness, live a self directed life, and strive to reach their full potential (SAMHSA, 2014).

- Shares Lived Experience (not a professional with a license)

- Role Model (does not give professional advice)

- Sees the person as a whole person, part of community and family (person is not a case or diagnosis)

- Seeks to motivate through experience, strength, and hope (does not motivate via fear or negative consequences)

-Supports many ways to recovery and healing (no focused on only one program or path)

-Helps find community resources, professional resources, and basic necessities (does not case manage or provide these services)


Are you ready for healing with fellow veterans outside of a medical or professional setting?

You belong here at FOB Rasor.


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