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Lifers for Life

Vets helping Vets LIVE with PTSD

Our Mission

About FOB Rasor

On April 21, 2017 my best friend and Brother-in-Arms, Sergeant Joe Rasor Committed suicide. At the time, I was six months sober and 5 months removed from an in-patient rehab program for alcoholism, PTSD and contemplating my own suicide. I just like so many of my fellow veterans, knew how dire and hopeless Joe must have felt before he made his final decision. After thoroughly and honestly working a 12 step program, my entire life has changed. I have a new love for life and stronger, more efficient coping skills for life’s less than desirable moments. Over the last 3 plus years, I have constantly wished that I could have shown Joe all about this life saving and life changing process. So today, FOB Rasor is a welcoming and safe platform for veterans to sit knee cap to knee cap with their comrades in arms, to repel the suicide rate in the warrior community. By sharing this 12 step way of LIVING, FOB Rasor is the home of Lifers for Life. 

Gunny Ski

Our Directors

Gunnery Sergeant Jeff Shilanski / USMC / Retired

President/ Chairman

It was my honor & privilege to serve as an Infantry Unit Leader in the United States Marine Corps from January of 1993 to October of 2013. My battle with PTSD was nearly lost but with the support of my fellow veterans I pulled through and am a living my best life.  I started FOB Rasor to pay it forward to those still suffering.  I cannot and will not loose another brother or sister.

Today, I work for Kirby Inland Marine as a dispatcher. I enjoy my family, our dogs, the outdoors and my life. My Passions are my sobriety, my 12 step program and helping others discover the peace and happiness that life has to offer.

James Munson / US ARMY / Vietnam Veteran


Served as an infantryman during Vietnam and received a purple heart in 1969-70.  Jim used the GI Bill to complete his education and taught at South Central Community College in Faribault, MN for 19 years.  Jim is currently retired and enjoys woodworking, painting, reading, and napping.

CarrieRae Munson

Director Vice President/ CFO

CarrieRae is the daughter of purple heart veteran Jim Munson and fiancee of Jeff Shilanski.  She is an entrepreneur starting two clothing brands, Undersummers by CarrieRae & Outstanding Man. 

CarrieRae has two boys in college and one in high school and is also a dog mom to 4 crazy canines.  She serves the alcohol and drug recovery community and enjoys speaking about her entrepreneurial journey and recovery.

Our Location

FOB Rasor PTSD Help - Conroe, TX

262 Beach Airport Road

Conroe, TX 77301

Call Gunny Ski for more information:


Meeting Schedule

Saturdays  &  As Needed/Requested

If you need help please call 281-573-7250

Get Help

Are you a vet with PTSD and need ongoing help and support to live with PTSD? Do you want to stop coping with drugs &/or alcohol and want to start living?

Simply show up at meeting time and we will show you the way we do it. Buildings are open one hour before and after meetings for socializing.

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I visited the Gunny and CarrieRae today at FOB Rasor. He has a great story of transition and deliverance that you must hear. If you are struggling with internal demons - PTS - get a hold of the Gunny at FOB Rasor... Veterans, you can increase your resiliency. Semper Fi, and God Bless,

Steve Hummer LtGen of Marines, Retired