About FOB Rasor

On April 21, 2017 my best friend and Brother-in-Arms, Sergeant Joe Rasor died by suicide. At the time, I was six months sober and 5 months removed from an in-patient rehab program for alcoholism, PTSD and contemplating my own suicide.

I, just like so many of my fellow veterans, knew how dire and hopeless Joe must have felt before he made his final decision. After thoroughly and honestly working a 12 step program, my entire life has changed. I have a new love for life and stronger, more efficient coping skills for life’s less than desirable moments. Over the last 4 years, I have constantly wished that I could have shown Joe all about this life saving and life changing process. So today, FOB Rasor is a welcoming and safe platform for veterans to sit knee cap to knee cap with their comrades in arms, to repel the suicide rate in the warrior community. By sharing this 12 step way of LIVING, FOB Rasor is the home of Lifers for Life. 

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